Thursday, September 8, 2011

Laziness / Helvetca.

My lack of posts this week and the end of last has been mostly due to laziness. I'm not too happy too admit it though. I could blame it on school starting back up, and me not having any good topics to post about (the former is time consuming and the latter is not true).


This is a documentary about quite simply, the typeface helvetica. Although it sounds boring, I thought it was fairly clever and gave some pretty good insight into the history of the typeface and how it is used. It pointed out how helvetica is the most used font for a logo for corporations, it's simple and clean looking and has a great effect on people. There were designers who talked about what you might call "anti helvetica movements", that prominently featured more out there designs with funky fonts.

As I stated before, it sounds boring, but I atleast found it worth watching.


  1. I've heard about this documentary and thought about checking it out. I'm more of a comic sans guy myself though.

  2. Never heard about this before but I'll have to try and check it out man. Thanks very much for sharing with us.

  3. I saw this on netflix thought it looked boring didnt watch

  4. Yes! I've seen that- it's brilliant!

    I'm a graphic designer, os watching that on my first year of college was mind blowing, hah.

  5. I've see it! GLORIOUS film, I watched it on my first year of Graphic Design and it blew my mind.

  6. yeah, i had a design teacher talk about how great a movie it is, i'll have to check it out sometime this week.