Sunday, October 16, 2011

Race to World First (2011)

  A documentary about the top players in World of Warcraft seems horribly stupid and as if it would contribute to the all too fun stereotypes that most people have of WoW. I had just the opposite though of that, as someone who has played the game in the past, and was on a very dysfunctional team, the amount of time and effort that goes into these players being the best is nothing short of astounding.
  The camera follows several top rated guilds through their experiences in raiding while they start their journey the second an expansion launches. Members of guilds talk about the game means to them, what others think about it, and in some cases, will it actually get them anywhere. I found it odd how at times leaders gave inspiring speeches about how they can be first if they work together as a team, but after all but one group fails, they all say that it isn't worth anything but memories and friendships.
  I wouldn't that a non-WoW player would be very interested in this movie, but if you have never played the game, and have a desire to know what it takes to be the best, this is for you. If you do play WoW, and you want an insight about what the guilds everyone looks up to are doing right, this could also be for you. The movie also features podcasters from a very prominent WoW based podcast, although all they really do is an intro and exit to the movie.


  1. I'm not really interested in World of Warcraft much at all but this film does sound really interesting to me. I love these kind of documentaries about people who spend a lot of time video gaming, it's always interesting to see inside their minds in my opinion. I need to check this out some time soon, sounds like it's a good watch.

  2. I was in the 2nd ranked guild on my server and the amount of time you invest in this game is staggering, its a second job. we weren't even close to best in the world or anything and 4 hours a night 6 nights a week was standard.

  3. sounds kind of interesting, but i wonder if it will be.