Monday, August 15, 2011

Airplane! (1980)

This morning I got around to watching Airplane like I said I might.  Considering this movie was in released in 1980, it has a different style of humor than a lot of newer movies might. I thought that this made it a better movie, but that just may be me.
   I found that it was just as fun to pay attention to the actions of some of the background characters that weren't speaking, as it was to listen and watch the speaker. I did like the story of the pilot from the war, how he was telling it to other passengers, and how it played a role in how the ending point was reached.
   Although some of the things on the plane seemed a little to convenient, it added to the comedic value how it didn't always help in the long run. The character's habits that have been dropped in the last week, that they take up from stress are insignificant. but got a little chuckle out of me.

I'm not quite sure if I am going to give a movie a number if I post about it, which I won't for this one. But at least for this movie, I've put some things that I thought be fun to look out for, or just what I thought worked well.  Although not a number, I will say for sure you should watch this movie if you're into old comedy movies.


  1. Ever seen a grown man naked Billy? This is a classic movie, just fun, silly humour. Thanks for the review.

  2. It's a very finely tuned slapstick comedy, and I agree, they don't make them like that anymore. Another movie you should check out from around the same time period is The Jerk.