Monday, August 22, 2011

On the way home from Band camp.

For the last 5 days I was at a Jewish overnight camp for band camp. Why we go there I honestly have no idea, but it's fairly cheap and nine hours of rehearsal time gets ridiculous amounts done when you have nothing better to do in your free time than practice and hang around bandos.

On the ~3 hour ride home, I watched Food, Inc. It's pretty much a documentary about the meat industry. Somewhat comparable to The Jungle by Sinclair. It's some farmers and movie makers speaking out against what they do for a living and how major companies control meat, and all of the allegedly bad things that happen to said meat. I found it definently worth watching, but I had a lot of trouble eating anything for lunch, knowing full well what I was eating.

When I say it's worth watching, only do so if you really want to know. If you don't and you prefer to not know (I was this way for a while), that's perfectly fine. Most people would probably prefer not to know.


  1. it's nice that you have a band, it's true, better not know some things.

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    nice post

  2. Nice blog man. I'm not fond of documentaries concentrating on the ethics of the food industry usually but I may check it out. Followed.